OCLINICALS Patient Recall Services

Patient Recall Service

We focus on increasing the number of patients that return to complete their follow-up procedures for healthier outcomes and improved practice profitability.

We designed our patient recall service to be aligned with your goals. The OCLINICALS team is focused on enhancing your practice recall completion results by engaging patients on a personal level, following up with them, and scheduling the procedure or office visit as needed.

With no upfront costs, Oclinicals partners with you to take the time-consuming recall workload off your practice staff so that you can comply with legal responsibilities and focus on providing outstanding care to patients

Ready to see how OCLINICALS can help your practice?

Our recalls scheduling experts are highly trained in your medical specialty to effectively manage all your patient recalls, with a particular emphasis on those that are overdue, to ensure optimal outcomes for both your practice and your patients.

Our trained agents are dedicated to working through and managing your patient recall lists, whether it's for overdue colonoscopies, endoscopies-EGDs, flexible sigmoidoscopies, electrocardiograms-ECGs, cystography, kidney ultrasounds, or other required CT scans and exams. This allows you to prioritize what matters most: the care and health of your patients.

We help ensure you schedule all those appointments that otherwise might be missed.

Let us become a part of your team and we’ll help maintain communications with your patients through phone calls, text messaging, emails, letters and faxing. We’ll help ensure all patient information is correct, up to date, and will update your EMR by your standards.

Our agents are trained to always ask the right questions, and we will also create and complete a pre-procedure questionnaire template to help you keep track of your patient's needs easily. During screening calls with patients, our recall agents collect demographics, contact info, gather and check insurance information, a referring physician if applicable, their preferred pharmacy, their emergency contact information and check current medications and recent medical procedures to ensure the appropriate medical appointment is scheduled according to your medical practice protocols.

  • Call patients persistently to schedule pending procedures or office visits

  • Leave voicemail and handle return calls

  • Send email, letters and text messages remainders for follow-up care

  • Send fax to patient’s primary care physician if patient has not responded to previous contact attempts

  • Patient Screening: Update demographics, gather and check insurance information, current medications, recent medical procedures, preferred pharmacy location, update contact and emergency contact info

  • Update medical records through the practice management software

  • Update medical records through the practice management software

  • Communicate with medical practice via chat messaging platforms, practice management software task environment, email or phone

  • Calls are monitored for quality assurance

  • Only billed based on completed appointments or specialty procedures (there is no upfront cost)

  • Data Scrubbing: Scrub recall calling lists to increase contact success rate

  • Dedicated client dashboards to track KPIs and recalls completion success rate.

Oclinicals exclusive recall system is methodically implemented to ensure that you comply with legal responsibilities, increase patient follow-up visits and procedures, provide optimal healthcare to your patients, and get a higher return on your investment.

Oclinicals takes the burden of recruiting, training and quality assurance off your hands and you have peace of mind that your patients are being taken care of with kindness and efficiency.

We take care of recruitment (screening/selecting the best talent), training and handling turnover issues so that you can focus on providing excellent patient care. Great initial training reduces the amount of time needed to get agents active working on your patient recalls.

Our Quality Assurance team starts working from day 1 to monitor recall agents’ performance, auditing calls, medical records and scheduled appointments to ensure everything complies with your medical practice workflows and protocols.

Your dedicated recalls team works closely with your staff, collaborating during every step of the recalls scheduling journey to ensure utmost patient satisfaction

We will meet with your staff on a frequent basis to ensure the smoothest workflow for all involved. We aim to be a part of your team, and with that we are always here and willing to talk and work through things as you see fit. We have a great system to adapt to your practice workflows or changes in protocols and train agents accordingly. We take a more hands on approach, to ensure the best possible outcomes for your clinic or practice.

We provide a dedicated point of contact to handle all of your inquiries. We collaborate using a constant and open communications approach. Oclinicals’ management team is always available for questions and feedback. Oclinicals’ team reaches out in real time with questions or patient concerns and move forward to catchup on months of your pending recalls. Real time communications allow to build a team culture needed to be successful increasing recall completion rate.

We also work hard to engage your patients and facilitate the scheduling process to make it as convenient as possible. Oclinicals' agents treat patients with a personal touch that allows for better communications with patients and higher scheduling of procedures.

OCLINICALS is HIPAA Compliant and Cybersecurity Certified

We have all the processes in place to ensure all patients' Protected Health Information (PHI) is secured. All of our agents are HIPAA trained and certified. Oclinicals has the SOC 2 Cybersecurity Certification.

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