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Staffing Services

We become a natural extension of your practice, joining your team and working seamlessly with your office to improve productivity and provide excellent patient care.

We take the time to get to know your practice’s operations and align our services to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and processes. We’re dedicated to serving and becoming an integral part of your team. Our highly trained team of professionals strives to offer the best, most efficient support for your office and staff. We work with you side by side to help manage inbound calling, scheduling, insurance verification, prior authorizations, data entry, filing, and any other administrative task you might need.

Oclinicals takes the burden of recruiting, training and quality assurance off your hands and you have peace of mind that your patients are being taken care of with kindness and efficiency.

We help you manage your medical office by providing a user-friendly client dashboard with real-time data showing the status of key performance indicators so that you know what is happening all the time.

We provide cost effective remote staffing solutions that will save you money, allow you to increase revenue and improve your bottom line.

Ready to see how OCLINICALS can help your practice?

We’re committed to offering the best quality service possible in everything we do. We provide comprehensive management of all your inbound calls, handling tasks such as scheduling, data entry, and even acting as a call center on behalf of your clinic.

Inbound Calls Handling

Our agents will handle inbound calls to your office and help direct them where necessary, whether that’s scheduling a new appointment, updating patient information (screening), or otherwise.

Referrals Scheduling

We will help you with scheduling referrals for office visits, Open Access, and more.

General Scheduling

Our agents will help schedule your non-referrals, regular office visits, hospital visits, telehealth appointments.

Call Center

We have the ability to act as a call center for your clinic or medical office. With a full team of agents dedicated to offer your patients improved communications at a lower cost to your practice.

Client Communications

We will work directly with you and your patients to communicate things like lab and test results, we’ll send them prep instructions, and will work with them to verify their insurance benefits.

Medical Billing

We will assign appropriate codes and help you accurately manage your outstanding claims.

Data Entry

Our team will handle your medical records data entry needs, including order management, performing data scrubbing, faxing and scanning categorization and filing, lab results filing, and much more.

We assist in managing your clinic’s insurance needs, including tasks such as verifying insurance benefits and handling pre-authorizations.

Preauthorization / Precertification

We will contact patient insurance companies by calling or signing into a portal to authorize the performance of specific procedures.

Insurance Verification

Our agents will help verify the insurance benefits of the patient; coinsurance, deductibles, and other relevant information.

Our agents will help manage all of your faxing and scanning needs, as well as effectively opening and closing orders for your office.

Inbound Faxes Queue

We will manage your entire faxing and filing process.

Scanning Queue

Our agents will help you file and task every scanned document.


Fax procedure reports and pathology results to the patient's PCP.

Orders Queue

We’ll effectively open and close orders for your practice.

Outbound Faxes Queue

We will retry failed faxes whenever necessary.

Results Queue

We’ll help manage patient results by attaching lab results to the correct patient's chart.

No more backlogged queues, no more mismanaged filing, just the best possible addition to your team to help streamline your processes.

Oclinicals staffing services allows your practice to expand your team without additional costs of physical space, recruitment, and training so that you can provide optimal healthcare to your patients, and get a higher return on your investment.

We will update all demographics for you, schedule office visits, procedures and Telehealth appointments, and will provide communication directly with your patients as you see fit. Your Oclinicals’ agents follow instructions as per tasks sent via your medical practice management software.

We have a great system to adapt to your practice workflows or changes in protocols and train agents accordingly. Our agents will work directly with your team to ensure the most effective and efficient practices are followed, ensuring the best possible results for your patients.

Oclinicals provides a dedicated point of contact to handle all of your inquiries. We optimize the management of your practice operations with our dedicated supervisory staff and collaborate using a constant and open communications approach. Real time communications allow to build a team culture needed to be successful.

Our remote work nature allows us to help you keep your office up and running even if your office is closed due to power outages, weather-related events or any other emergency. We can help you with any backlog of work so that your office tasks are up to date and your schedules are kept full.

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