Oclinicals has been a Great Partner

Oclinicals has been a great partner since 2020 both on the recalls side of our business as well as on the staffing side. Having Oclinicals as part of our team allows the internal staff to focus on the day-to-day operations and know they have the remote staff to support them. The team at Oclinicals including the president/owner, the management team, and the staff are great to work with and I value their partnership.

Lori Angelotti, Quality Data Analyst

University Gastroenterology – RI

The Team has been Responsive, Engaging, and Accountable

I wanted to reach out and commend your entire team on their performance since joining Gastro 1 Team in Memphis.  The team has been responsive, engaging, and accountable for their performance.  It has made a huge difference and we're only scratching the surface.  Also, I specifically want to recognize Mr. Cedeno and Ms. Mendoza for their enthusiasm and dedication to the job.  It doesn't go unnoticed!

Ruskin Davis, Director

Revenue Cycle Management, One GI, TN

The Team has done a Great Job at Helping Keep our Schedules Full

I wanted to share that our overall experience with our team has been awesome. The team has been such a big help. From scheduling Colonoscopies to scheduling office and televisit appointments, the team has done a great Job at helping keep our schedules full. They confirm appointments, get authorizations for procedures, help with tasks in calling patients to set up follow up appointments and they also help with moving entire days when the physicians need to be out of the office.

Each team member is assigned a doctor and they help the MA with anything they need help with. They reschedule procedures and contact patients from the tasks that we send them. It really allows the Medical Assistant to Be more efficient and concentrate on the patients that are in the office or needing urgent assistance. With this extra time, the MA’s are able to do prior authorizations for medications, schedule peer to peer reviews, fill out paperwork and much more.

The cost savings affords us to have more team members off shore as opposed to in office team members. Our team communicates with tasks and teams on a regular basis to keep the flow efficient.

Having our added Oclinicals team has really helped us optimize the time that the Medical Assistants have in the office. I am not sure what we would do without them! They have been a great addition to our practice!

Christine Loya, Practice Administrator

DHAT - Digestive Health Associates of Texas

Oclinicals Keeps us Caught Up

Oclinicals helped staff important phone appointments, and keeps us caught up. Also, helps us contact patients that are past due for necessary procedures, when we don't have the staff in office to facilitate the volume that we have.

Jamie Ingram, Team Leader

Digestive Specialists, OH

The OCS Team Seamlessly Migrated into the Scheduling Department

As a manager of a scheduling department, desperate for staff to answer calls from patients, OCS was a lifesaver. I worked with them for over two years with staffing for a scheduling department and recalls. Overall, in all interactions, the OCS team made it clear client service was their top priority, and staff development was a close second. In my time working with them, I noticed they displayed a keen eye for talent and had room for growth for people who displayed leadership both within my organization (as a lead scheduler) or were promoted to internal roles.

My biggest compliment is I appreciated the initial training OCS provided that reduced the amount of time I need to get agents active on phone lines or working on recalls. Having a clear system of data collection in the beginning allowed for the majority of training to be hands-off and if there were changes, I could communicate to the current team directly and to their manager to ensure the training team was able to adjust the materials as needed. Anytime I ran into a challenge, it was very easy to get the managers in a virtual meeting to discuss it quickly. (It's worth noting a lot of this was related to constantly changing hospital testing protocols). We set up a Slack channel and the OCS team seamlessly migrated into the scheduling department. We were able to communicate in real time and get to build the team culture needed to be successful, complete with inside jokes. There was no distinction between who was hired by my practice and who was with OCS, they all worked together as a team.  I was touched that the entire OCS team created a card to be sent for my baby shower hosted by the scheduling department and checked in on me during my maternity leave. The recall schedulers used the same system to be able to reach out in real-time with questions or patient concerns and were able to catch up on months of recalls, I did not have the staff to dedicate to so it was a huge relief to know that it was being handled. OCS provides a dashboard that is very user-friendly that provides real-time data when needed on the status of what is happening and where all activity is happening. I also had a monthly meeting with OCS recall manager who would provide updates as a whole and we could troubleshoot obstacles in real time.

I cannot recommend OCS enough. Even if I didn't think they had the support I was needing, they would provide resources on how to solve it. I felt they were someone as invested as I was in finding solutions to improve patient experiences.

Erin Dalton, Practice Administrator

Richmond Gastroenterology, VA

Good Customer Service

Thank you so much for your service over the last several years. We have really enjoyed working with Maria and her team to take care of our patients in a timely and efficient manner. They frequently reach out to touch base with any changes/updates within the practice and respond to any inquiries that I may have promptly and efficiently. Our assigned agent has good customer service and we appreciate him working on our account.

Brittany L. McCadden, Clinic Manager

Palmetto Digestive Specialist

A Great Asset

OCLINICALS is a great asset to ensure office visits and procedures occur with a personal touch. This personal contact allows a level of communication that improves understanding and any questions to be fielded and relayed to the proper in-office resource. This team’s role in pro-actively contacting patients has allowed for our in-office schedulers to focus on the real-time schedule changes and challenges which demand an in-office presence.

Lea Ann Fitzwater, Appointment Scheduling

Digestive Health Specialists, AL

They Go Above and Beyond

I am SO thankful for our OCS team!! If not for them, we’d be working overtime this weekend to catch up on an extreme backlog of work. The job our OCS team is doing for us is invaluable.

Rashonda Wisner, Practice Manager

Presby, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants, TX

Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you. The persistence that was demonstrated in getting the patient in actually helped him get much needed care.

Anita Tyroch, System Specialist,

Austin Gastroenterology

They Go Above and Beyond

Sami and his team at OCS strive for nothing short of excellence.  They invest necessary time and energy into training their agents. They go above and beyond to meet our specific needs.  There is always an open line of communication to report any issues that may arise, and issues reported are addressed immediately.  OCS has become an integral part of the growth of our practice and is always a pleasure to work with!

Daina Manuel, Sr. Director of Operations

Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates, LA

Oclinicals has been a Life Saver

Oclinicals has been a life saver for GI Alliance. When covid happened, a lot of clinics got behind but Oclinicals pulled us out of the covid rut and saved a lot of clinics by keeping the offices up and running without even being in office. They continue to strive and to help our clinics on a daily basis and I do not know what we'd do without their help. Our office would not be the same without our extra team member, Leonardo

Carissa Wawak, Practice Manager

DHAT Site 127 - Digestive Health Associates of Texas

Responsive and Professional

OCS Medical Records has been great to work with. They are responsive and professional. Our communication via Teams has been great. It is like they are here in the office. They have been a great addition to our practice.

Kaylu Sisco, Front End Coordinator

Digestive HealthCare Center, NJ

Our OCLINICAS Team Works Hard for us every day Assisting Patients

The addition of our OCLINICALS team was a great decision by our practice! They have helped with our inbound calls and scheduling, which has made a difference in our office efficiency and staff satisfaction. Our OCLINICAS team works hard for us every day assisting patients, and we have been very pleased with the entire process!

Rose Swanson, Practice Manager

DHAT - Digestive Health Associates of Texas

An Amazing Company to Work With

Oclinicals is an amazing company to work with! Our office has been working side by side with them for the past 3 years and they make the hiring process smooth and painless! They’re very cooperative and provide great support with our employees. They’re always prompt, responsive and provide great IT support when needed! Oclinicals is hands down the best and most reliable fit for our practice.

Ashley Vargas, Call Center Supervisor

Urology Specialty Care, FL (Staffing)

Thankful for all their Hard Work

My experience with our OCS Team has been overall exceptional. When I had started with the Practice in February of this year, there was a lot of disconnect and frustration from our clinic to our agents and vise versa. Walter, Ruth and I have worked together to find new flows and new ways to make communication with the team and our agents more efficient and more valuable. Our OCS agents have come along way, and they have been nothing but wonderful during all of our clinic transitions. Crystal, Mario, Angie, Jean, Absalom, and Alberto are all very hard working, they take criticism well and they excel with improvements when needed. Walter is by far the best manager I have worked with; he is organized, friendly, professional and prompt to answering all questions when needed. Overall, our OCS team are doing amazing, and we are so thankful for all their hard work in assisting us in providing optimal patient care.

Kayla Conrad, Practice Administrator

GI Alliance TDDC - Texas Digestive Disease Consultants

We Can Count on Them to Get it Done!

We developed a great partnership with Oclinicals. Their team has made a noticeable difference in our workload. Their team is some of the most amazing people to work with. Whenever we ask them for help on a project, we can count on them to get it done!

Randi Carbaillo, Contact Center Manager

US Digestive Health, PA

The Management Team is Outstanding

We have been working with Oclinicals to assist us with our patient recalls for several years. It has taken a large burden off of our administrative staff and they have done a great job. The management team is outstanding and always available for questions and feedback.

Recently we also signed on to have their team assist with answering phones in our call center. It has proven to be a profitable relationship.

Bernadette Scrape, Administrative Manager

Digestive Healthcare Center, NJ

Dedicated to Growing Our Business

Oclinicals' open access/screening representative is a wonderful and efficient alternative for staffing, especially when your office is already tight on space. Their team provides education and training before placing a representative with your group. We are pleased with their flexibility on assignments and dedication to growing our business.

Our Oclinicals’ representative is very pleasant and thorough. If she needs any clarification, she appropraitely reaches out to our team. Great compliment for our group.

Anne craft, Practice Manager

Illinois Gastroenterology Group St. Charles, IL

An Amazing Partner

Oclinicals has been an amazing partner for our specialty procedure and follow-up office visit Recall program. The Oclinicals team assigned to my SBU, led by Supervisor Gloria Gonzalez, has taken the tedious and time-consuming recall workload off the practice staff, allowing them to focus on sick patients and new patients. The Oclinicals team has an attention to detail and a real collaborative style that has been very beneficial to the practice. They are a real extension of the physical practice and are reasonably priced for the work they do. Our recall completion rate has improved by over 48% since partnering with Oclinicals. It has been a pleasure to work with the Oclinicals team, and I highly recommend them.

Nancy Krieschen, Director of Clinical Operations

GI Alliance of Illinois

They Have Done a Great Job

We have used Oclinicals to assist with our inbound faxes and referral platforms. They have done a great job helping us with incoming faxes and incoming referrals, distributing them where they need to go in a prompt and efficient way. They are very accommodating to help us in whatever area of medical records or data entry we need. We have been very pleased and value their hard work!

Rose Swanson, Practice Manager

DHAT - Digestive Health Associates of Texas, TX

An Incredible Asset to Our Organization

US Digestive Health utilizes OCLINICALS agents to help with our outreach efforts in getting our patients scheduled for procedures and office visits. They function as part of our team and are an incredible asset to our organization. We highly recommend their services.

Laura Becker, Manager of Triage and Open Access

US Digestive Health, PA

Hundreds of Patients have been Scheduled

OCLINICALS adds to the level of care we can provide to our patients, with minimal impact to our staff. Due to this partnership, hundreds of patients have been scheduled that may never have returned, and we have been able to standardize processes to reduce in-office scheduler demands too.

EJ Wheeler, Clinical IT Director


Part of our Team

OCLINICALS is now part of our team helping us bring back patients that need our care. They adjusted to our process and have even take our inbound calls seamlessly when we needed them.

Tasha Cieslak, Practice Manager

The Gastro Clinic, LA

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